In Kindergarten, children are to be in a mixed-aged classroom of 3 and 4 years old.
The routine is, in the morning, a class meeting takes place in which the day is organized, news are told and songs are sung.
Then, the children (up to a limit of 25) will play freely in the several different educational areas: house, puzzles and games, cars, animals, library, crafts… meanwhile, the teacher calles small groups of children to develop skills working with her.
All class activities can also be developed.
This classroom has exclusive access to a playground for children of this age only.

Stage 1

We felt the need to have a transition classroom between the Kindergarten and the 1st Grade of Primary School. Stage 1 classroom is only for children of 5 years of age.
It is a classroom that is still a Kindergarten but is already beginning to be a 1st Grade, in many ways – Preschool.
In the International Curriculum, primary education begins at the age of 5.
The maximum capacity of this classroom is 16 children.

Primary school

There are two primary classrooms: 1st/2nd Grades classroom and 3rd/4th Grades classroom.
We believe in mixed-aged classroom because teaching follows a spiral, that is, the same themes are worked on in the different school years, but rising depth and complexity. We can work on animals in the 3 and 4 year-olds class, distinguishing, for example, domestic animals from wild ones; and we can work on animals in the 3rd/4th Grades, but in this stage learning about the several animal classes (amphibians, reptiles, mammals …). Now, if we join more than one level of education, we will have the same theme, the same activity proposal but with different levels of difficulty – in practice, teachers have 2 years to work on the planned curriculum. Then, we end up having 1st grade students answering 2nd grade questions and 3rd grade students answering 4th grade questions!
The maximum capacity of each of these classrooms is 16 students.
Stage 1 and Primary students share the playground and the sports field. Everyone uses the cafeteria, although at different times.
In addition to the spaces mentioned, there is also: school board office, teachers room, kitchen, bathrooms and storage spaces.