Differentiation in education

We know that each child is unique. Therefore, nothing is prepared equal for all.
There are children who learn better reading, others writing, others making conceptual maps… if we are going to give everyone the same recipe, there are always those who “stay behind”. That’s why we don’t use textbooks at our school.

Learn by doing

Activities are, as most as possible, practical – hands-on, very engaging activities that stimulate curiosity and critical thinking. At SEIXAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we are not interested in preparing children for tests, but preparing them for life!

Singapore method for maths

Following a guideline that always goes through 3 stages (REAL, FIGURATIVE AND ABSTRACT), Singapore Method is very a structured method and, thus, learning is very well consolidated. Mathematics becomes students’ favourite subject!

Using technology in a daily-bases

Nowadays, in all jobs it is necessary, at some point, the use of digital tools. In the future, that need will be even greater! The school has 16 laptops, 10 tablets and wireless Internet so that technologies can take place in the classroom, when ever possible.


There is a moment in the school day routine called “Self Study Time” when children do school work alone. In this way, teacher can check if all students are able to do it, if there is a group that isn’t, if there are one or two students that aren’t and, thus, adapt teaching process so that no one “is left behind”!

Teaching reading and writing

Our teachers use several methods for the learning of reading and writing: Global Method, Maternal of João de Deus, 28 Words’ Method…