Summer Camp

Outdoor Easter Break

Forest School Methodology

After, practically, 2 years with very strict restrictions against the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, especially for children who found themselves closed at home for long periods or prevented from leaving school for field trips (namely those who normally, would take place in closed spaces, such as museums or theatres), SEIXAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL proposes, during the Easter break, a set of activities within the scope of a new concept, called Forest School, which appears to fill the lack of social interaction (both for children and even for adults themselves, who have turned to social networks and end up spending more time in the virtual world than in the real world) and contact with Nature which, in addition to being good for physical and emotional health, is also part of the Eco-schools Project, which is transversal to all areas and valences of our school.

What are the benefits of enrolling your child?

With this Summer Camp, we intend to strengthen the connection between children and nature, making them more resilient, confident, independent and creative.

The benefits of this activity are numerous:

  • outdoor vacation
  • get out of school routine
  • develop skills of knowing how to be and be with others
  • provide moments of conviviality
  • provide playful moments without using screens
  • provide moments of play and physical activity
  • develop creativity and autonomy
  • provide contact with other means and activities
  • more time and more space

Depending on age, these activities may involve building, playing, exploring, raiding or community service, but above all, they are intended to reflect the challenges young people face throughout their life course, preparing them for active citizenship, relationship with others, environmental sustainability and integral personal development.