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       Our students love to be here!

       If we ask a child if he or she likes school, usually they say:
                 “I like school, but I don't like classes!”

       Here, at  seixal international school , sometimes past 10 to 15 minutes of recess
       time and no one wants to leave the classroom!

       This is because activities inside the classroom are just as interesting as the
       playground activities!

       In this school, children don't want to go home at the end of the day or
       ask their parents to saty a little longer!

       Even during school break, our students prefer to be in school !

       Here, we don't prepare students for tests,

       Our students learn and love it !
       They feel that this school is their second
       There is a high level of involvement
       and trust among all, which goes
       beyond the borders of the school and
       reaches the parents and families!
       In a warm family yet a very professional
       environment, students develop globally
       and significantly improve their school
       performance (in the case of a student that
       may come from another school), their self-
       esteem and the confidence they need to
       overcome any obstacles in life!

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