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       School cafeteria

                                     Nutrition is an essencial factor of success for any
                                     child  and  therefore  it  is  one  of  our  main
                                     All  meals  are  cooked  in  school ,  menus  are
                                     defined by a nutritionist , who can at any time,
                                     fit the need of a child.

       School therapist
       Our psycologist  is always alert to the need of the students, not only on the
       learning  level,  but  on  other  levels:  social,  emotional,  psycological...  it  is
       important that the student develops healthy and, most of all, in a global way!
       We want healthy and happy children! Here you can hear children laughing !
       Here, children have the freedom  to be the better of themselves!
       We don't limit them, but we give them wings to fly high !

       School bus

       For  the  convenience  of  families   ,  and
       because we are aware of the pressure they are
       submitted to, we have available our school
       bus for children, from and to home , any time
       of the day.

       Extented schedules

       Normally, we receive children from 8 am until 7 pm, but we have an extension
       from 7 am to 8 pm!
       On the other hand, we are open every month of the year, except in august.

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