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Small and mixed classes

                                Our classes are small  and with mixed ages . It is not the
                                age that defines what children learn but their capacity and
                                Our classes have mixed ages so that the younger students
                                get in touch with the elders syllabus and, on the other
                                hand,  the  elders  consolidate  knowledge  while  the
                                younger learn.

       With small classes there is room and time to work in groups , in pairs or individually
       and therefore our classrooms never have the same arrangement. Tables can be in rows,
       in groups, in pairs, individually, in "U" formation or even with no tables at all!
       We know for sure that children learn what they want to learn. Also, it is a fact that we
       can't offer education, students have to want it!

       Homework at School!
                                Who hasn't seen the dispair of children who, after a "work
                                day", have their schoolbags loaded down with homework
                                to do at night, often with help of their parents who no
                                longer have the patience or time needed to do so?
                                In this school, all the work is done during class time!

       After 5 pm, children may develop their skills on Extracurricular Activities (Drama, Dance,
       Ballet, Yoga, Karate, Acrobatic Gymnastics...) or simply enjoy free time  and play and
       Our students go home, often, with no schoolbag!
       They simply don't need it because they already did everything in school!

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