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       It is definitely our syllabus that distinguish our school!

       We are an international school , so lessons are in Portuguese and in English -
       bilingual learning.
       In the long term, learning will be in English only - one only learns how to speak
       by speaking!

                           INTERNATIONAL Syllabus

            International Subjects:           Portuguese Subjects:
            Ÿ Mathematics                     Ÿ Portuguese language
            Ÿ English                         Ÿ History and Geography of Portugal
            Ÿ Science                         Ÿ Music, Drama, Plastic Arts and Physical
            Ÿ Information and Communication     Education (PE)
              Tecnologies (ICT)

       In fact, we live in a global world and it is important to prepare children to live
       with other cultures, religions... seixal international school , everyone feels welcome!

       Our offer                At this time, we can enroll students for:
                                Ÿ Kindergarten - 3 to 5 years old
                                Ÿ Elementary School - until 4th grade (Stage 5)
                                We have ongoing projects so that we can offer in a near
                                Ÿ 5th grade (Stage 6)

                                “Ongoing  growth  and  development  is  one  of  our

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