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Pedagogical Methods

       So, how does this work for our school?
       Each child is different   Students' books are made along the School year by teachers
       from one another.         and students in partnership.
        «We know that every child   Our students don't wear a School uniform because each one
        is unique, no one is the   of them has his/her personality that must be cherished and
        same. Therefore, curriculum
        cannot be the same.»     developed to their most!

       Pedagogical differentiation  Teachers work differently, every year, every month, every class!
                                 Because they know they have to adjust the activities and
        «We set the focus on the
        student not on the teacher.»  materials they prepare for THAT SPECIFIC GROUP. We use
                                 several methods, according to the class objectives.

       Positive approach
                                 Our Positivist Approach - "You didn't make it? Let's see why
        “Together, we'll have    and work together to succeed! "...
        success!”                ... instead of - "You should be ashamed of your mark and
                                 you're probably going to fail this school year!"

       Learning by doing         Our activities are "hands on" or "learning by doing", literally:
        «Here we build knowledge!»  for instance, when class was learning about continents and
                                 oceans, they built a planisphere; when studying plants we
                                 have our vegetable garden, we had a field trip to "Estufa
                                 Fria" (a huge Greenhouse in Lisbon) and we made
                                 experiments in classroom with several roots, stems and

       New technologies
                                 Whenever it can be useful, we use new technologies! In a
        "Nowadays, in all jobs, it is   Physical Education Class that was supposed to be in Nature,
        necessary, at some point to   we took the opportunity to study living and non-living
        deal with computers and   things, routes and itineraries. We had a map, a pen and a
        other forms of technology. In   telephone for pictures! In the classroom, we got together all
        the future this need will be
        even greater!”           data in a file that we printed and explored in Science class!
                                 Also, we researched on the Internet and watched movies and
                                 documentaries about the theme.

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