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Educational Concept and Philosophy

       You are most likely aware of how a traditional school runs itself
       and the type of educaction Public Schools provide.
       Ÿ Any if these systems sound familiar? : students shuffled together in a line?
          Children put in huge classes in which everything is taught in the same way,
          and if possible at the same time, or “mass teaching”?
       Ÿ The type of School where students spend almost 8 hours in a classroom,
          sited, quiet and, if possible, in silence?
       Ÿ The kind of lessons that are: - "Open your books at page 30 and do the Maths

       The truth is, in general, schools haven't evolved much. Today, they are as they
       were 30 years ago! However, we'd like to introduce you to a fresh, new concept
       of education!
       At seixal international school  we have formed, with much sensitivity and purpose, a
       very different school!

                We have Educators with passion for education!

       Our School was funded by and only have  the knowledge, the care and attention for
       people  with  the  best  passion  for  each  and  every  child  enrolled  in  seixal
       Education!                             international school.
       People who like children, like to work with  In this school, all teachers are teachers of
       children  and  most  of  all,  have  the  all students and EVERY student!
       knowledge to do so.                    In this school, we care for them and they
       They give on a daily bases, the education,  know it!

     seixal international
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